my friends from new york, i say hello

croptop: Sirens; shorts: JoeFresh (Superstore); boots: thrifted @ ValueVillage; bag: thrifted @ VV; FAUXfurtail: online

Hello! I just faked a little nap so my mother would leave me alone. I actually feel a bit refreshed even though it was faked, hmmmm. The summer sun was nice today. Thanks for voting in my poll guys! I will definitely put more outfit posts, thrift hauls, and confessions on this here blog, and please continue to vote so I can satisfy your needs, hahah.

My Sunday night is wide open... and I've got no plans. Sigh. I think I'm gonna go stalk the neighbourhood later with one of my friends.

My baby cousin has become a 24/7 crying machine. It's annoying, and at first I felt sad every time she started wailing her little heart out, but now... She cries for every little thing. Now I understand why the Terrible Twos are so terrible. Oh, my God, there she goes again.

Found these on my computer hard-drive and thought they're pretty funny:
So what if I'm a geek? = =

Have a great night, lovelies.



  1. YOU LOOK CUTE. Those shoes are especially snazzy! And I like the blurry effect - tres artsy! Hehe.

    ALSO OH MY GOSH I TOTALLY FAKE NAPS TOO!!!! They're super ideal. Except for sometimes my mom doesn't go for it. "WAKE UP! Put away dishes!" and I try to act all groggy. And she still doesn't go for it. AW MAN. Haha.

    And ugh. Baby cousins. Ugh. I see mine in a few weeks. They start off cute, but then...


  2. *Gasp* DeathNote?!! I adore DeathNote and InuYasha :D :D I adore basically all mangas but that's irrelevant...

    I always take naps (actual naps) although instead of leaving me alone my mum shouts, really loudly, "Be are you sleeping?!!" Which is utterly fustrating. I've told her about this many times but I don't think she gets the picture of a teenage girl's need of sleep...

    (I use dots a lot. I like dots.)

    I wish I was in Canada right now. It's winter here, and I'm missing being able to wear cute outfits (like the one you displayed).

    Cheerio. :D :D

  3. Love your outfit! Especially your top! =) Love the Death Note image too! =)

  4. Love the outfit! You are really pretty! ^^

  5. love the edgyness of your outfit! the bag and boots are awesome!

    oh i forgot to let u know, but im hosting an outfit contest w/ prizes over at my blog: http://delicatelyfierce.blogspot.com/2011/06/outfit-contest-w-prizes.html

    and i think u should enter!

  6. AAAAAAH Desu Noto! I used to be obsessed with it... and Ryuk was my favourite character!

    Also, you look totally cute. Great summery look!

  7. i like your outfit!!!!!!!!!!
    u are invited to my blog
    Lot of kisses!!!!!!!


  8. Once again your outfit is sheer cuteness!!! And for the record geeks ROCK

    P.S. we should totally exchange links

  9. Lol, love the death note find and the idea that maybe one day your little sister will grow into your twin (from your comment on my blog) I've always wanted a twin!

    Bright Green Laces

  10. I love that brown bag!!!
    so cute!


  11. ahaha deathnote! such classic lines from that 'Ill take a potato chip....AND EAT IT'

    love your outfit the shorts are fab! xoxo

  12. yay for anime geeks! i a fellow one :) keke great to find other Canadian bloggers out there, love your style girl I love your thrifted VV shoes! :)

    thanks for commenting and visiting my blog! :D


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