As I have wrote in this post, I will be reviewing Fotolia, an online royalty-free stock photo site that offers premium photos, videos, and vectors, for a price. Customers buy credits that can be used to purchase these items, starting from 25 credits for $30 and up to 6400 credits for $4800. The subscription prices start from a 1-month subscription with 25 download per day for $249.
As I was given a 1-month subscription to Fotolia with 5 photo downloads per day, I cannot review videos or vectors, and will only be reviewing the pros and cons of using Fotolia to download photos.

The pros:
- the ability to access a variety of photos, without copyright issues for usage (literally 100 pages or more for each search!)
- photos have great resolution, colour, and clarity, and they are family-friendly, professional, and very conventional
- often, the photos are simple enough that they can be personalized with any photo editing program; some photos are merely templates just waiting for the customer to fill it up with personality
- customer is able to choose the size of the photo they want to download, with smaller photos costing less credits (maybe 2 - 6 credits) and larger photos costing more credits (maybe 10 - 20 credits)
- with a subscription, the customer does not need to worry about having enough credits to purchase the largest size of the photo; Fotolia automatically gives the largest available sizing for subscribed customers
- downloading is easy, because the site offers the customer the choice to download all photos using a zip archive which is then emailed to the customer for faster download (this is not available for videos, only photos and vectors)
The cons:
- the subscription is too expensive for regular ol' Joes like me
- the customer must have a good idea of what he/she wants, because one has to search for the photo using the search bar using keywords (eg. "fish", "party", "summer", etc.)
- often, the photos appear to be obviously digitally altered or edited
- there are some repeats of images
 - some photos are not available with a subscription and will need credits in order to be downloaded (I think this is a little ridiculous; why pay so much money for a subscription if one cannot even download some of the photos?)
- if one is looking for photos of real life celebrities or movies, books, and/or TV shows, search will come up with zilch; this is a stock photo site, not Google =.=

The bottom line:
I would not recommend paying money for a subscription to Fotolia, but to stick with credits. I really enjoyed being able to browse for inspirational, amusing, and beautiful images (they are very professional! I loved what I downloaded, especially the photo of a bird's eye view of Shanghai!) and I would like to thank the Fotolia team once again for this opportunity to try out the site for no charge.
Unfortunately as I am a working student, I would not purchase a subscription to Fotolia because of the expensive pricing. I would probably buy credits, but honestly, I feel as though $30 for 25 credits is just too pricey for someone like me. I'd recommend this to companies who can afford this, for use in marketing and advertisement, but definitely not personal bloggers. We'll take our own photos! They may not be as profesh, but they aspire to inspire as well.
Thanks for reading, lovelies! Sorry for all the words... I stuck some Fotolia photos in between for you guys to enjoy and admire... Sneaky, eh?

P.S. Guess what?
Camwhore photos next post is obligatory, yes? Yes, I think so too, Mimi. Well, Mimi, should we go out for a cup'a tea an' celebrate? No... no, I don't think so, sorry my British-accented friend. Some sleep first please. Tomorro' then, ol' chum. Tomorro'.


  1. woahh you look absolutely amazing! I wish I could pull off red hair (ends) and look as hot as you :'(

  2. Oh, you're hair! Whoa! I'm diggin' the colour! I neeeeed more pictuuuuuures! :D

  3. <3<3<3 your hair! XD
    Although when I first saw that red dye swirling in your sink, I thought it was blood and freaked out =___=
    I totally agree with you about Fotolia. It has good quality photos but are too expensive for students like us (especially shopaholic thrifting impulse-driven students).
    I don't know why but my Fotolia 2 week subbie died on me after less than a week. It wouldn't let me download anything. D: But the pictures I did download were pretty awesome :D

    Mad Love,

  4. love it, looks awesome on ya

  5. Oh girrrrl I love yo hair! :D Ah, that does seem pretty expensive :\ Though the pictures do look really pretty, its not worth it unless you have that extra money to spend.

  6. When I first saw that picture with the red dye in the sink by first thought was "What? She put a massacre photo in here? Now I have to look at it" (I was browsing massacre photos earlier in the day. Do not ask me why. You do not want to know why, but it wasn't pleasant). And then I noticed it was dye, and then I saw the other photo. And then I was immediately in awe and immediately felt jealous.

    Your hair looks awesome with the red. I want to steal your hair (also, the nose ring looks awesome to make you look groovy punk ;)

    I would so love to subscribe to a site like that so I don’t have to worry about copyright issues whilst browsing “We Heart It” (if you put it on there why do you care if I use it??) But it was waaaay very massively expensive. Maybe I’ll stick to “We Heart It”.

    Lovely photos though.

    Have a great day :(

  7. Oops. Meant to do a smiley.


    Ignore the sad face.

  8. Those photos do look great too bad about the pricing though.and your hair came out great.

  9. Omg amazing hair! Beautiful photos too... pity about them being so expensive!

  10. They have nice images, but yeah not really worth the pay.
    Love your new hair though ~
    Looking forward to more pictures.


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