are you my alter ego?

I'm writing something new.

It's going to be an artistic project, and it might seem confusing when you start off, but I promise you if you keep reading, the story will slowly develop into something comprehensible. Right now, it's bare bones and muscle. Soon there will be living organs and a heart and a brain.

I'm not guaranteeing you that I'll complete the whole story.

I'm not guaranteeing you that it'll be easy to understand.

It's just a task that will showcase my writing and photography in a different way than Soyconfessions. I will be putting on a whole new persona as well. I don't know who I am just yet, but I know how it will end, and that should be enough.

If you're curious, click here, or the image below to be transported to Are You My Alter Ego?.

Otherwise, stay tuned 'cause I'll be posting tons for Soyconfessions (:

P.S. I just got my UBC housing assignment, and guess what -- I'm in a single room! Which means.. no annoying roommate? Hahah. I'm a little disappointed 'cause I was looking forward to a roommate, but this is good too! Privacy and such :P


  1. Awe, i'd prefer to have a rommies too ^^ btw, GEO is cheaper than NEO lenses =D

  2. yay for no more roommates!! :)


  3. Good stuff (I went and read AYMAE). :D although a tad depressing. Still, very much like my favoured fanfiction. (yes I still read those).

    Single room is good too! no black-wearing, braless goth chick to share you space LOL (aha.. remember that conversation? ah.. no? I'll shut up)

    I'm making a list of college buys right now!
    and afterwards if i can't fall asleep, I'll do my review on the lenses named after you <3

    Mad Love,

  4. Mmm... the project seems to work out well. I like the writings(:

    I will want a roommate too. Except she has a big addiction to us (like Leighton Meester in Roommate movie) or she is an extremely messy person xp

    Dreamy Princess

  5. So u have another blog for your project? I'll follow your story, that would be fun :)

  6. I had a read of your "alter ego" and it's really awesome! I love that you're always starting new projects :D
    Single room would be good! You still get to make friends with the people in your dorm (lol is this how US colleges work?) but with no clashing personalities!

    Thanks for stopping my blog and your super supportive -ness hahaha :D


  7. Woo for no roommates ~ : D
    & I'll check it out right now.

  8. You're not missing anything roommates suck lol.

    I can't wait to start reading your story. As a matter of fact im goin to check it out now


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