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I completely tanked the in-class essay on Hamlet today, worth 15% of my grade. And English is supposed to be my strong suit. Not doing so well. Lols all around.

I took a nap yesterday with my glasses on... and woke up to find them squashed beneath my right arm. They're in desperate need of a fix up, oops! Oh, and I ran out of contacts... that's why you're seeing me in my glasses so much.

See you around, lovely.


  1. Uni takes a bit of adjustment, I'm sure things will start looking up!

  2. don't worry, everyone fails things they didn't expect to fail in freshman year. that's what class curves are for! college is a bit of an adjustment but you'll hit your stride soon enough.

    I love this outfit! the different patterns go together so well :)

  3. those pants are awesome *-*
    hope your glasses are alright hehe

  4. wow you dress real awesomely! that jacket is seriously the best ive seen in ages :O

  5. LOVE your outfit.<3<3<3
    and don't worry about the essay... it's only first term.. everybody fails something. :)
    like my poli scie paper.. which is due in 2 weeks.. which I have yet to start. D:

    Mad love,

  6. Hey there,

    Thanks so much for commenting on my blog. I wanted to make sure and give you a visit and some blog love. Don't be a stranger, come back and visit.



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