but i'm not a soldier.

HAHAHAHAH you know how I said I would post gyaru photos in "next post"? Well.. I didn't. Nor am I going to. UNTIL SOMEONE UPLOADS 'EM AND SENDS 'EM TO ME :@ I love you sweetie, and I know you're reading this. SEND ME 'EM NAO. MUAHAHAHAH.

Okay so these are outfits from my first 3 days of school.

I call this the "Sweet Korean-Looking Girl Who Likes To Read" look. Erm.. yeah hahah.

Do you like this random wall in my room?!! Yeah, I know, so plain... I will put things up soon.. When I've stopped being lazy. And poor.

Blouse, loafers, and black backpack: thrifted @ Value Village
Socks, bow, and skirt: American Apparel
Leather laptop bag: Best Buy
Necklace: Forever 21

This is my "OMFG I GOTZ BOOBZ" look and also "I LYK TO FLYP MY HAIR" pose.
Shirt: Urban Planet (sleepwear section, weird)
Shorts: cut-off from hand-me-down jeans
Socks: Claire's
Boots: thrifted @ Value Village

"SHIT I'M LATE" look + "ZOMG MY FOOT HURTS better put on a sock on my foot"
Why am I wearing only one sock? Well you'll never know.

Until I tell you.

Which is now: I was walking around campus, and holy motherf**ker the campus is huge.. did you know that? I walk around to all my classes and by the end of the day I've lost 25% of my body weight in sweat. No joke. So I was walking and my boots started to scrape my heel so I limped to my dorm and put on a sock.. yup just one. This was the only one in reach since I threw the others into this giant bag that I call my Laundry Bag.

Blouse: Urban Planet
Shorts (underneath for security lol): Mimi McQueen
One sock: bought online
Boots: thrifted @ Value Village
Simpsons folder: Piggy Bank Place @ Metrotown


I LOVE YOU GUYS ): No matter where I am in the world... You guys will always be with me.


  1. This post made me lol so hard. Love all of your outfits for college! Wish I had the enthusiasm to get dressed in real clothes :/ (no i don't walk around naked why would you even think that) hahah cindy is in a weird mood. Keep the outfit/college posts comingggg <3

  2. HAHAHAHA, you are hilarious. I love you for wearing one (awesome) sock, and for just "I will put things up soon.. When I've stopped being lazy. And poor." <--- that!

    Anyhow, I like the outfits you wore... i like you having a bart simpson-face too. But not in any creepy way, by the way.. I mean.. just sayin'. You make me write awkward things in your comment box. Yes, I should quit right nao.

    Have a grrrrrrrreat time!

  3. what a funny post =) your outfits are lovely as always especially the boob-outfit xD hehe the shirt is hella cute.
    hope you find some time to move in properly =) <3

  4. Such cute outfits for classes! The one-sock look is so quirky haha

  5. Super cute outfits you have there : D
    The 1st outfit is really cute ~
    & Yeah iCan't imagine how much walking you have to do.

  6. You look so adorable in your outfits.

  7. Amazing!
    Cute schoolgirl style.
    You really look great glasses.


  8. I just gave you an awarddd :D another one to add to you collection hehe :)

  9. Love your outfits as usual. You really look like a school girl in the first one lol.

  10. love your captions! and cute outfits :)



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