"oceanic vocals"

Would you tell me that I had "oceanic vocals" please? How long do I have to hold this in? When I sing, it comes out different than when I'd heard it within my own head just a few seconds ago.

The last photo (right-side) was taken by my friend, Elaine Remus. I heart you, Elaine.
 It's getting darker and darker outside. It drizzled for the past two days.


  1. Gah I'm in love with your top/mini dress! lol it's kind of creepy seeing th hallway so empty, in the last 2 pictures you kinda look like you're floating!

  2. I agree your top is uber cute. I've missed your blog, I've been so busy with life I haven't had the time to read or blog or anything else :(

  3. i love this top, it is gorgeous. Missed your blog Mimi! Hope you're doing great!

    visit me if you have time :D

  4. Still looking gorgeous ~ ! !
    & iHope the weather gets better if that what your implying.

  5. don't be so pessimistic : (

    SMILE! <3


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