opening day

This was the first day I moved in. I brought more shoes the next day, most of my purses/bags, and my stuffed animals. Still have yet to put up posters/any sign of life onto my walls.

Just had ImagineUBC Day, and I am so tired. I walked to the Bookstore and bought an Internet cable so I can finally go online and blog! My entire family accompanied me over on Opening Day, and decided to rearrange my whole dorm room... so now the internet outlet is on the opposite side of the room, and there are cords everywhere across the floor. I know I'll trip on 'em some time soon... =.=;;

Now what? Oh yeah, classes start tomorrow. I'm going to have so much fun walking to my class buildings. They are somehow scattered around the SUB, on the other side of campus. Yay for exercise.


  1. WAH YAY HAVE FUNNNN. All my friends are starting uni now and it makes me sad. EVERYONE'S GROWING UP! Including you! Enjoy yourself girrrrl.


  2. Cool ^^. I hope you have loads of fun, and that you enjoy your time studying. College/University life are like the most fun times evveeeer.. I'm going back to University to complete my third year soon, and I'm pretty much looking forward to it, although I won't be living in halls, like I did during my first year. But your room looks super cool ^^

  3. Wow your room looks pretty decent! Not like those tiny cracker boxes they pass off at dorm rooms...in my imagination (and no idea where the analogy came from haha) lol find a cute guy to help move your furniture back!


  4. I think you have the exact same dorm furniture that I had in freshman year! But you don't have to share your room with 2 other people like I did :P

    Hope you have fun at college!

  5. I hope you feel at home in your new dorm

  6. Oh whoa, congrats on moving! You sound pretty bummed, but that could be just me. I hope you'll have a great time, I really do.

    I'm sorry, you must have told it before.. but what are you going to study?

  7. Aha, well iHope you have fun re-arranging your room then ~
    Good luck with school ! ! ! !


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