shit son

Bart Simpson sweatshirt: hand-me-down
skirt: mom's vintage
bag and loafers: thrifted @ Value Village

I really need to sleep oh wow. I really hope I don't revert back to my Bad Habits.

Bad Habit #1:
Sleeping late, 4 hours or less per night.

Bad Habit #2:
Eating at weird intervals of the day, e.g. 2 P.M. breakfast, 6 P.M. lunch, 3 A.M. dinner, and eating UNHEALTHY. (Chicken strips and fries for dinner, anyone?)

Bad Habit #3:
Not washing my makeup off.

Bad Habit #4:
Wearing sweats and a tee all day, even going out.

Bad Habit #5:
Being too self-conscious due to paranoia experienced after receiving less than 4 hours of sleep, looking like shit, and wearing clothes that do not flatter. At all.

Bad Habit #6:
Thinking too much about boys, and not enough about studying.

Bad Habit #7:
Ignoring my friends/any social interaction to go take naps.

Bad Habit #8:
Falling asleep in class. (This is definitely happening today. Ohhh boy.)


  1. I'm in love with that coord, seriously, it looks great on you *-*

    and I hope you manage your habits hehe especially the sleeping thing! =)

  2. MIMI!
    I srsly am the worst. Blogger. EVER. University totes destroyed me last year, therefore no blogging occurred. T_T

    I had kinda forgotten I even HAD a blog, tbh. I saw the link to Blogspot, hidden away amongst academic journal sites, today and went "OH SHIIIIT". Jeezus. /fail

    I would LOVE to get back into blogging, but I'm just so worried I'm gonna fall behind again. Le sigh. (PLUS no wifi at my new house yet. Eek.) BUT - I just might have to (and actually stick to my guns this time), because I miss reading your lovely posts!

    pee ess. I hope you're loving university as much as I am this year. :D

    pee pee ess. I love your new hair (new - is it new? I don't know, I'm so behind!).

    - <3 kyki

  3. awww ^w^ I've fallen in love with your facial expression ! and this vintage/granny/oldschool outfit is awesome - If only my mother had some similar vintage dresses *_____*

  4. that outfit is beyond awesome!! especially the Bart Simpson sweater!

    dude your bad habits sound SO much like mine. I go to sleep at 4 AM all the time, don't eat nearly enough whole grains and vegetables, never exercise except for the 3-4 miles I have to walk to and from class each day, don't do work unless I absolutely have to and then only at the last minute, and I skipped class today so I could stay in NYC an extra day. it's good to know I'm not alone!

    I hope you're having a great time at college/university :)

  5. Absolutely gob-smackation. We totally have the exact same habits D: except my sleeping time is closer to 2am than however later yours is!! Well, it sounds like uni is going spectacularly! Yay boys hahaha :P


    btw. most. awesome. sweatshirt. EVER.

  6. Cute outfit ( ^ _ * )
    Aha, we have some of the same bad habit iCan see.
    I'm trying to break some of them off though.


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