i'm 18

thrifted Navy cardigan: $10, Salvation Army; thrifted saddleshoes (falling apart unfortch): $3, Value Village; leopard tights: online, $8; frilly pink socks: Claire's, $2; shredded Superman shirt: swapped

I turned the big one-eight (wow that sounds terribly corny) on October 9th. Happy (belated) birthday to me, hurrah. Oh and Happy (belated) (Canadian) (lol) Thanksgiving to you guys!

Thanks for being there, lovely.

I really mean it.

On a little side note, lemme tell you a story about a girl who had big dreams. When she was 14, she applied for a talent agency physically located in the States, and was accepted. Little did she know that... all they did was take $200 from their clients, put up a few pictures onto one webpage, and call it QuickBook Nationwide Worldwide. For 4 years, she never heard a word from such agency. And so last night, she decided to email her agent and basically demanded for all her pictures to be taken down, and pronounced it "a scam".

Did you enjoy that story? Probably not. It was a little depressing, I admit. Okay, next post: A Happy Story (: <3


  1. Yay! Happy Birthday! 18! Dayum, to be honest... I hated the year I was 18... 17 was the best-year-everrrrrrrr. But that turns out into a sad story too. Your 18th year is going to be a blast, for sure!

    I like the cardigan, and those shoes.. whew.

  2. Happy birthdayyyyyy!!!!!!!! haha I was going to post on your facebook but then I was like...wait a sec how do I even have you on fb...tad weird.
    aww was that girl you? :( stupid agency

  3. Gosh darn it ~ I'm late.
    & Those scam people just help you out somewhat.
    Lovely outfit.

  4. sorry you got scammed. that's really too bad. :( but HAPPY (late) BIRTHDAY! oh, and i like your shoes and tight by the way... :)

  5. Happy belated bday. Love your oxfords with your cheetah tights.


  6. happy 18th! i turned 18 recently too :D


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