i keep forgetting to write titles for these things augh sorry

My friends helped me rearrange my room; now there's less mess, more room, and more fun to be had (i.e. sitting around in a circle on the floor, taking shots) or something like it.

It's the end of October, and I'm already pretty bored with the frat parties. Also, it's expensive to keep up, even if it's just every Friday night. That's like $15 worth of alcohol per person (to get tipsy), plus sometimes we have to pay $5-$10 just to get into a party. And that's like two hours we have to set aside beforehand to put on makeup (and put in contacts, for me) and dress up in good clothes and pre-drink. Just to go somewhere loud and dark to dance and get sweaty and get molested by randoms.

Anyway, there's a Zolas concert tonight (sort of) but I don't think I can go, because of a number of reasons, and I'm pretty upset.

Also, other things have happened, and I'm a bit embarrassed, maybe I'll explain it to you guys all sometime else.

Stay lovely, lovely.


  1. your social life sounds much funner than mine atm. while it's fun to go out and get....groped it's also fun to stay in and watch something educational! like harry potter :P hahah i'm seriously lame
    + nomnomnom shoes

  2. Oh whoa, I love the things you put on your walls! :O I like the shoes under your bed too... I hope you're doing well. And I know exactly what you mean with those parties... so this months it'll be strictly gigs of artists I adore and no random-going out. Oh, and of course! Study! :')

  3. At least you go to those parties haha.
    I take one look at them and come to the conclusion you've came to now... not worth bothering. Not to mention after the party, I have to stumble home and take off my makeup. SO much work. XP

    And your room looks so much neater than mine! My desk is... Well let's just say I do the majority of my work in the library haha.

  4. I haven't been to a frat party since the first month of freshman year...not out of choice just cuz I don't get invited haha. although I'd rather spend my time in my room writing and stuff now. you should party with grad students/people in their 20s if you meet them, which is wayyyy more fun and you can actually like, have a conversation and stuff. and I miss dorm room parties with my Columbia friends! we're actually having one on Sunday which is the first one we've had since like February.

    I love your socks/fishnets combo!


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