"Detour Nostalgique" by Jean-Christian Arod

"Creep" by Radiohead
I bought this garter belt for $20 at Bohemia, a consignment store located in Vancouver. There was a lot of retro, vintage items in the storefront and great selection in the loft upstairs, especially in the Men's section. I tripped and fell while walking down the stairs though, but I'm clumsy so things like that happen to me. If I'd had more time to browse, I think I'd have spent a lot more money than I did.

I've been working shifts (noon-2:00) every Monday, Wednesday, Friday at the Honour Roll in UBC's Student Union Building. If you're a student here, come say hi. Better do it this week or wait 'til the next term 'cause I'm off schedule to study for final exams after Dec. 2nd.

Still waiting for a phone call to follow-up on the job interview I went to about two weeks ago. Starting to think it might not come after all. And I did such a good job too... or at least, I thought so.

Lastly, I received a lovely gift from the folks at Misikko.com and will be reviewing it soon! Stay tuned.


  1. You look really lovely here, I love your tights! I hope you hear back from the job soon.



  2. ooooh those are so sexy ;D
    I'm coming back for christmas! Which means you and I are going to have a date with this shop :D :D :D


  3. love the plaid :) looks so cute on you~



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