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So I realize I have a few items to review:
1) Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyebrow Kit
2) HANAair Hair Dryer from Misikko.com
3) BB creams

Sorry for being so late with writing them! I will definitely catch up during this Christmas break.

BTW I re-bleached the tips of my hair today! I dyed it as well but the colour's not showing up (I only used a teeny bit; still have 3/4 of the jar left). I'm going to redye it soon and snap some pics for you guys.

I used Manic Panic's Amplified Flash Lightning Bleach Kit and Cotton Candy Pink Amplified hair dye, total cost was $25 + tax, bought @ Metrotown.


  1. LMFAO. I just watched the video. Jenny is soo funny XP

    Btw, I went shoe shopping too! Went.. a little crazy... Perhaps I shall blog about it :D

    I thought you did your eyebrows. Hm... Not sure how I feel about them. It's very different that how you usually look. It is neater looking though. And definitely strong and defined... meh. Undecided. Perhaps I just can't embrace new things lol.

    Mad love,

    PS. GL GL on the rest of your finals! <3

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  3. nice video and post! it gave me inspiration for my shopping!

  4. Ahhh you are cute! Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog :)
    Your hair is lovely and pink!! Xx

  5. Mimi you look even prettier on camera than you do in photos :) I love fashion/makeup videos, you should definitely do more! haha I love the random interruptions by your family too.

  6. ooh and I love that velvet bodysuit!! it's 80s, but in a good way :)

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  8. Where did you buy the manic panic hair dye from? :)

  9. Which store in Metrotown did you buy the manic panic hair dye from? :)

    1. Hi Jay, I bought my dye at the piercings booth in front of Bang-On (near Urban Behaviour, if you don't know where Bang-On is). There's a huge selection of nose rings, body rings, lip rings, etc., but the booth also sells every Manic Panic hair dye colour and the Flash Lightening kits as well!


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