A new one just begun

And happy holidays! Leave all the angst and drama out of the holidays... Plenty of time for that in the new year.

I finally filmed a review for the Beauty Express eyebrow kit from Anastasia Beverly Hills (after all these months... sorry for the wait, guys)! Thanks for a great gift, Anastasia Beverly Hills team! I absolutely love it. It definitely completes and complements my array of cosmetics, and now I have a professional kit to use for my brows instead of just smudging eyeshadow around, heh. 5/5 stars! (Yes, I've tried filling in my eyebrows at the start of the school year, but it was never as easy as using this kit. Playing around with the stencils will be great as well, so I might film another video in the future.)

(Pssst... Anastasia Beverly Hills is hosting a new contest soon! Check this out and stay tuned.)
I'll embed my foundation routine video in the next post. Be warned... My skin reacted pretty badly to some new products I've tried, and it does not look pretty. But then, my skin rarely ever looks pretty without the magic of makeup. Honest.


  1. Merry Christmas!! Hope you had a great one! I love Anastasia products but the brow kits are my fave

  2. wow thanks a lot!:**

    i will work with you!:*

    i will took your photos with a link on my blog and you do the same?


    you know what i mean?

    love love love <3


  3. such a lovely update <3

    let' s visit our blog

    xoxo k&m


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