'rock and roll' is for tough cookies like you

(left to right) Lita Ford, Cherie Currie, Jackie Fox, Sandy West, and Joan Jett
If you want to watch an in-depth, artsy film about the years when The Runaways took the rock scene by storm, this is not the movie. Instead you get Miss Fanning's awkward, lanky dancing, and KStew's surprisingly believable don't-give-a-fuck-too-cool-for-school attitude, mixed together with some highs and lows (and I'm not just talking about the prevalent theme of drug use and abuse), provocative outfits, and electrifying music. To whomever designed Cherie's clothes for this movie... Ummm, can you be my personal stylist? Kthx.
cast of The Runaways (2010 film)
If you liked The Runaways, you'd enjoy Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains even more so (I know I've blogged this before but it's one of my favourite movies of all time so deal), a cult film from the 80's with a superior cast led by young Diane Lane (she was only 15 when she starred in this movie), featuring a fictional all-girl rock band. These three teenage girls are definitely "genuine jail-bait" as well, to paraphrase Michael Shannon's characterization of Kim Fowley in The Runaways. Appearances are made by ex-Sex Pistols and also by members of The Clash and The Tubes.
Isn't she absolutely beautiful? Note to self: buy red eyeshadow and fake bangs; Imma be all up on this for Halloween 2012.
The entire movie used to be available on Youtube, but the magical moderators have long since deleted the videos. If you're smart enough, you'll find it through Google. If you're not, buy it on Amazon or something.

Instead, have a watch of the trailer below:

Yeah, I don't know why this film wasn't better received at the time either. I mean, it's fantastic, its humour is subtle but dead-on, and it's targeted towards both male and females in their teens. There's drama, there's sex, there's music.

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