Why boycott Coca-Cola?

So I just found out that the Coca-Cola Company has been involved in 9 murders of their Union members in Colombia, and there's been a total count of 179 violations of human rights of Coca-Cola employees. So on top of making kids in America fat and polluting water resources in India, Co-Co-Co has also been using paramilitaries to intimidate, kidnap, and murder employees?

Do. Not. Want.

Time to boycott Coca-Cola.

You know, switch over to PepsiCo products? I mean, at least they're doing something about their own criticisms and controversies.


  1. Oh. My. God! All these corporations killing everyone, wtf. Too bad, because coke is delicious. OH well, I don't drink soda anyway, rarely do at least.

    And to your question about my first picture, I used pixlr.com/o-matic . They have some effects/overlays that aren't basic, so you have to click them to add them on in the settings thingy. I used a retro overlay, and I can't remember which effect I used over it, but whatever made it sepia-ish. And to fix any random white spots in the black area, i just photoshopped those out, but you can use a number of things, like paint lol :)

  2. I might have used befunky.com , I'm not sure. I tested out some of their stuff, but I don't remember if I used that one or discarded it.

  3. Thank you for your comment on my blog. You have a great blog :) Mind to follow each other? ^^

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  4. I don't drink that stuff much anyways. These days, I'm all about SoBe drinks :D

    I find it's hard to trust any organization these days. There is just so much information that we don't have access to that it is easy for these organizations to lie and manipulate us.

    That's why we must learn and become educated too :) Now if only our profs teach us useful stuff -grumbles- only one of my profs actually taught me stuff this semester. grr

    can't wait till I come back!
    mad love,

  5. That is quite possibly the scariest (although not unexpected) news I've heard in a while, a corporation killing their own employees!! Definitely switching over to Pepsi (I prefer them anyway, better prices haha) <3


  6. wow really? O__O there's no need for all that to happen, they're rich and famous enough, aren't they?

    i don't like coke anyway, makes me scrunch up my face when i drink it, which is why i always shake it to make it not so fizzy.

    LOL at the picture, which one are you? I'm usually always the last one...


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