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DRESS Sirens $10 / DENIM VEST thrifted / NAVY CARDIGAN thrifted / BOOTS H&M $30 / SNOOD Mexyshop $14 / SHEER WHITE TIGHTS Takebeauty $2
JEWELRY Forever21 $5-10
I've been watching Dexter for the past two weeks, and I'm at the end of Season 2. Gonna start Season 3 tomorrow. It is now one of my favourite shows, and I compare it to an almost grown-up version of Deathnote.

A friend from high school has recently bought creepers and she told me that a shoestore in Metrotown for sure sells them, so I'm gonna stop by this Friday and blow $110 on a pair. Yeeehaw.

Just purchased a Lime Crime opaque lipstick an hour ago. Can't wait for it to arrive. Will review it for all you wonderful girls who are pondering over the awesomeness of a D'Lilac lippie. This is definitely a splurge because usually I spend, like, $4 on a lipstick from Shopper's Drug Mart or something.

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  1. awesome outfits!


  2. I love that vest! Thanks for checking me out!!

    Following you! follow me back <3


  3. i love everything about this outfit! the layering, attention to detail, that cardigan!


  4. I LOVE your blog!! This outfit is so good and I would like your glasses please.



  5. I'm so jealous your hair is long enough to braid like that. XP
    I've been off the map for a bit, totally unplanned... Met a guy and he totally made me spazz out and unable to concentrate...without even doing anything =.=
    Wish you'd go on skype. Wanna tell you stuff lah!

    Mad love,

  6. Great scarf! I love how you paired your cardigan with the denim vest.

  7. Thanks for your comment, no relationship can ever be too severed to be rebuilt girl! Love your hair and the snood. Dexter is a good show, I only watched some of the first season though. Haven't had a chance to watch more, gotta catch up on many shows soon.

    XO J


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