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PETER PAN COLLAR BLOUSE H&M, $20 / CROP TOP H&M, $15 / SHORTS thrifted & DIY'd scalloped hem, $5 / TWO-TONE TIGHTS American Apparel, $20 / SHOES thrifted, $10

In the process of making a mix CD for my work mates at Honour Roll Express. Of course I do all this instead of study for my Geographical Biogeosciences 102 midterm that's tomorrow. Cannot wait 'til Reading Break, which starts Saturday! A whole week of bliss... and hopefully some fun.

I'm thinking of switching up my skincare routine... Apparently my doctor says I have rosacea. What the...? I'm on a 30-day antibiotics trial and also using some topical gel. BUT he says I can't use moisturizer... huh? (I'm still using it in the mornings, just so my BB cream will go on smoother... and around my lips and nose at night. Don't tell him this, thanks.) I might have to check it out with a dermatologist.

Anybody recommend a nice, gentle cleanser that's not too expensive? I'm willing to pay up to $30 for a good cleanser... Anything for my skin.

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  1. Love those shorts so much, especially with the boots.


  2. Such a wicked outfit, love those tights and the tops especially

  3. Oh I am in LOVE with that shirt! It's gorgeous!

  4. <3 Shorts :)
    The problem with recommending skincare is that not everyone have the same skin type. :(
    I'd suggest going to see a derm first dude... cuz it would suck if you wasted money on product that that's not meant for your skin type..

    But if you want to look though, I really really really suggest Sephora. It's a bit pricey... but they do give samples and also if you buy their product, use it and decide you don't like it, you can always return it for full refund so...

    mad love,

  5. Fab shorts.
    I use Olay cream facial cleanser for combo/oily skin. It's been a LIFESAVER.
    Have a great Reading Week. (:

    - xo


  6. ooh I love that shirt! it's so creepy in that Elle Fanning sort of way.

    you can't even use an oil free moisturizer?? wow.

    1. I know! I asked my doc that and he was all like "no, no, no" to everything I suggested. No toner, no oil-free moisturizer. SOOO I think I should go see a derm instead hahah.

      Thanks btw! Hahhh "creepy in that Elle Fanning sort of way", never heard a better description (:

  7. Amazing Outfit, I love your Shorts.

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  9. Love your blog. Maybe we could follow each other? :D

  10. I myself love Vichy products, and over here it's less expensive than 30 bucks, so you might try that out.

    I really like the different coloured/colours tights! And the peter pan collar, ow yeah.

  11. love those tights a lot :) I'm following

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  12. i love the crop top, such a pretty print, never have guessed it was from h&m x

  13. you have such a lovely blog :) followed you!
    i really like you sense of style :) hope you will get rid of your skin problems soon!



  14. Love your blog:)
    Following you:)
    It would be so nice, if you follow me back:)

  15. I love this outfit, the blouse is beautiful and those shorts are amazing!xx


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