HAUL VID & OUTFIT: Vancouver Blogger Clothing Sale

SKULL-PRINT BLOUSE Urban Planet $20 / ASYMMETRICAL SWEATER Mexyshop $20 / COLLAR NECKLACE VanBloggerSale today! $2 / LEOPARD COAT thrifted $23 / JEGGINGS Mexyshop $20 / BACKPACK thrifted $8 / WEDGES F21 $40
Wow, whenever I upload a new vid, there's always someone who "dislikes" it a second after LOL. Is it me? Is it a vengeful subscriber? Is it a frenemy who checks up on me? Maybe someone misunderstands my username "Antiblondie" and dislikes my vids only because he/she thinks I'm racist? Anyway, if you have a heart, please rate my vids honestly! (And the username was a mistake I made in high school, forgive me, O Disliker of Mine.) My Youtube channel is linked here, and on it are a few other haul videos, covers of two songs I love, and randomness.

Did anybody else go to the #VanBloggerSale? If so, did you end up purchasing anything?

Thanks to everybody who organized it and participated! I wish I remembered to bring my camera so I could post some pictures of your outfits and of the clothing on here. Anyway, it was great to talk to you girls while browsing, and it's nice to put a voice to a face. The event went super smoothly too, and the cupcakes were delish.

http://stylestruck.ca/ @stylestruck
http://miss-melissa.com/ @missmelissa_k

Great job, everybody!


  1. Amazing coat, can't believe that's thrifted! It looks so expensive.

  2. Omgggg so many goodies! I love the flower headband and collar, totally up for a DIY project of both

  3. The coat is amazing. Love the red jeans and speckled jumper too xx

  4. This is outfit is totally stunning....LOVE the colour of those trousers especially.

  5. Oh, I love the cape you got! The outfit is stunning, I really like your collarnecklace!

  6. love the animal print!! nice one...



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