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Ugh, my skin is still doing pretty badly, mostly on my forehead, between my eyebrows, and my chin (see reason below). Here's an updated skincare routine:

Wash face with honey
Wash honey off with SpectroJel Blemish-Prone formula
Let airdry, apply Nivea Pure & Natural Toner with cotton pad(s)
Apply Nivea SOFT Moisturizer
Apply Benefit POREfessional
Apply Enesti BB Cream or Almay Clear Complexion Foundation with fingertips or E.L.F. Powder Brush
Set with Physician's Formula Mineral Powder

Rub olive oil onto face to remove makeup and impurities
Wash face with DOVE Sensitive Beauty Bar (which I just ran out of awwwe) with this method (I had a good chuckle while watching this video, but I swear by it as well!)
Let airdry, apply Nivea Pure & Natural Toner with cotton pad(s)
Apply generic brand of Benzoyl Peroxide 5% and let dry
Apply Nivea Light Regenerating Night Care cream
SLEEP (hopefully)

I've stopped taking oral antibiotics as well as using topical antibiotics gel! Both broke me out worse instead of healing my skin. Which is kinda lame, considering I went to an actual doctor and paid for these items.

I have a derm appointment in early April! Wish me luck.

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  1. Your skin is still?!! awww :(
    well April's coming up soon so maybe you can get it figured out then :)
    btw, I'm coming back to vancouver after my exams! Not planning to stay in Ottawa for summer school anymore

    mad love,


      (I know ): my skin's had SO MUCH DOWN lately, hope i get some ups too :P)

  2. your skin doesn't look too bad in these photos. I know exactly what you mean though, nothing seems to work!

  3. i think i might wanna try some of the stuff you do in your skin care routine. i am bored of mine. you can barely notice the blemishes no worries


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