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SWEATER Value Village $10 / DENIM VEST thrifted $8 / CARDIGAN Salvation Army $10 / SHORTS DIY from gifted jeans / THIGH HIGHS American Apparel $20 / FRILLY SOCKS American Apparel $20 / BOOTS Value Village $10
I was wearing a two-toned jersey dress from American Apparel yesterday but decided to change into a sweater and shorts because I got too damn cold. Legit, it was snowing on Monday. How crazy is Vancouver weather. I don't need to tell you guys this, I'm sure. BUT today it was sunny... and of course I had class all day, then work, then more class. Finally got back to dorms and now am blogging indoors because I am a vampire apparently. I slept in my last class and probably pissed off my professor quite a bit as she was dramatically relaying the concept of "war as a social problem" to us, discussing the 911 "terrorist attack", the conspiracy behind it, the consequences thereafter, and racial profiling... all while I was nodding off, completely unashamed but unwillingly, mind you, my chin falling falling falling towards my chest, then violently jerking awake. Imagine me doing that which I just described approximately 20 times within the span of an hour and a half. How pleasant.

The class thoroughly depressed me for the day, but everything'll be alright by tonight.

My friend and I will be eating a sandwich, and it'll taste delicious. (This is also a How I Met Your Mother reference... one of my friends got me into it. It's a really refreshing show where the friendships seem so realistic yet completely surreal. I hope my friends and I are exactly like that by the time I'm 28. There, I said it.)


  1. LOL yes friendship in uni is rather surreal like that. I think it's cuz we're always around each other?

    Love your braid. it's so cute! Plus guess what? Ottawa's having a random HOT week so the past week since monday we've been having weather around 15-25 degrees. BEAUTIFUL SUNNY DAYS WHERE I CAN WEAR SUMMER CLOTHES!!! :D Havn't smiled this much in weeks. Of course it's going back down next week to like 8 to 13 but whateves.

    Your class sounds like fun actually O_O
    I'm apartment hunting these days so i feel super busy running from class to home to apartments and back and repeat.

    and i've decided what to do with my hair. Forgot if I told you already or not =.=
    So i shall blog it! LOL right after my shower tonight. :)

    mad love,

  2. super cute outfit! your shorts are fab! I wish I had the legs to pull them off xx

  3. Cool look!


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  5. lovely and colorful combination.


  6. Amazing look and blog <3

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  7. lurve that outfit. please give me sweater is is awesomeness

  8. HIMYM is soooooo good! Haha I use to fall asleep all the time in lectures too...now I just play games on my laptop which is possibly worse :P

  9. Unique sweater....


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