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Let's get onto the review! (This product was gifted to me by Anastasia Beverly Hills.)
The good:
1) It doesn't clump my eyelashes.
2) The gel is completely clear.
3) Wand is slim and lightweight, and it feels good in my hand.
4) Hypoallergenic (doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes and eye area).
5) It makes my mascara waterproof, of course!
6) Versatile. I can glide this product over any mascara, whether it be coloured mascara, glitter mascara, or regular black mascara.
The photo above was taken after 10 hours of wear on an especially rainy day; you can see my eyeliner has smudged slightly, but the mascara did not!
*Excuse the bumps between my eyebrows; I'm still breaking out in that area!

The bad:
1) Doesn't come with detailed instructions. Packaging reads: "Carefully apply one or two coats on top of mascara to waterproof and refresh. To remove, must use waterproof eye makeup remover." BUT MUST I WAIT UNTIL MY MASCARA DRIES BEFORE APPLYING? OR DO I MIX THE TWO FORMULAS TOGETHER? I dunno, but I've just been waiting for the mascara to dry before applying the topcoat. And since nailpolish topcoats work that way, I'm assuming the mascara topcoat works the same (:
2) Costs $21 for 5.5 g of the product.
The bottom line: I recommend Lash Genius for the beauty junkies who are willing to spend $21 on a versatile product! I actually don't wear mascara often, BECAUSE I find that it smudges easily and I hate wearing waterproof mascara due to the difficulty of removing it at the end of the day. That's why I only have non-waterproof mascara (hey, I'm too cheap to buy two kinds of mascaras okay). And with this product, I'm able to waterproof my lashes for those... rainy Vancouver days, sigh. And in the summer, I'll be wearing this to the beach! Plus my cute strapless monokini.

Some other scenarios where you might need to waterproof your lashes include:
Date night.
Riots and revolutions.

Do you use waterproof mascara on a regular basis? Or would you consider purchasing a product such as this?

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  1. Wow this is actually such a useful product! I wouldn't spend $21 on it though when I could (probably) just get an actual waterproof mascara for $10 :P hi-5 cheapos!

  2. Hm.. useful product but expensive! I normally don't wear mascara because non-waterproof mascara will smudge ( I like to yawn and forget that I have makeup on =.=)but waterproof mascara dry out my lashes and are a PAIN to remove. So in the end I stick with false lashes with a teeensy bit of mascara to blen lashes in. haha

    I WANNA GO TO THIS BLOGGER SALE. why am I in Ottawa again?!! I'm going to be so jelly of all the stuff you buy! T_T

    btw, I think I'm going to get my hair coloured professionally when I come back to Van. Cuz my roots are too confusing to figure out on my own lol. But I still havn't decided what colour yet... I don't want to just do brown :(... -sigh- still really really really wanna go blonde...

    mad love,

  3. This was very well put together. I'm not crazy for mascara, but I know I need something that isn't as clumpy as what I've got. Thanks.

  4. I love your blog its informative. Good to read something like this.


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