Dango Daikazoku

I haz officially moved back home sweet home.

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Do I miss Totem Park? You betcha. But I'm glad to be back in Langley, where every street is as familiar as the letters of the alphabet and 200th is as busy as ever. Wal-mart, Costco, Mac's, Starbucks, convenient, safe, suburban, home. Also there are no drunk randoms running up and down the stairs outside my room, throwing bottles, yelling incoherently, generally wreaking havoc, and annoying everybody else. Um. Unless they're my friends, in which case I will let them have their fun and/or join in.

Do I miss my hair (pictured above)? Yes... but no. It was time for a change anyway. I've had ombre, fried-Barbie-hair ends for almost a year now.

Have I been teaching myself guitar lately? A big fat no. I will get started on that... after I unpack. There's so much luggage and boxes and bags lying around the den right now, and my mother is starting to sound like a broken record player: "Unpack. /scratch/ Unpack. /scratch/ Unpack." Well, I better unpack before I go crazy.

Am I addicted to Tetris Battle? Yes, yes I am. Shameless.

Have I started looking for a job yet? Unfortunately no... Hel-lo, still unpacked here, what do you expect. Give me a few days at least.

Have I found a place to live for 2nd year? Also no. Which is even more unfortunate, seeing as I'm taking  a summer course so I should've rented a place already. I can commute for now but definitely not next year. I just might be homeless. I could live in a box or a garbage can like that puppet from Sesame Street. He was a pretty cool guy. Read bedtime stories to his little worm buddy every night. Every. Single. Night.

Clannad & Busta Rhymes mashup - "Dango Daikazoku"

I really enjoyed this mashup. I haven't watched Clannad in its entirety and what I've seen of it did not move me at all... BUT the original "Dango" song gets me a bit teary, I don't even know why. It's just really good music. I like the instrumental better than with vocals though.

(Sorry for this filler post. My clothes are randomly hidden in various suitcases and plastic bags right now. I literally have nothing to wear... to take outfit pics to post em here to show you guys that I iz so fashunabo. If you want, you can stalk me on my personal Facebook to compensate for a lack of my face on your computer screen, but just letting you know right now: there's no guarantee I'll accept any friend requests.)


I'm creeping your comments... <3

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