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I need to transfer the poetry I've posted on Facebook onto this blog. It's going to take forever, and I know I will delete many and love only a few, and will end up posting only 10% of it =_=;;

Here are a few select from the five months between December 'til April; the words come to me and I write them down simultaneously (i.e. I rarely edit), so don't get your hopes up for any witty wordplay or extended metaphors... These are just words, words that may appear under pretense or under fire, words that I want to read later on, maybe tonight, or a few years from now, and remember exactly how I was feeling when I do...

the horse
what is progress
what is poetry
what is a word
what is a mist
what is the sun
what is the rain
what is English
what is Spain
what is a girl
what is a hand
what is a pen
in that pale hand
what is a wire
connecting the land
what is the book
Bible or demand
where does it start
the growing nag
incessant need
to lower the flag
to raise a fist
instead of a voice
instead of a child
you've raised a horse
galloping forever
along a narrow track
what is a carriage
that does not travel back.

we could be friends

i read that on twitter once
i think

on somebody's twitter bio
it's definitely under 160 characters
it's definitely short and to the point
a bit sweet and shocking

"we could be friends"

imagine saying that to someone
you've just met in real life
face to face, words to ears
handshakes and smiles

"we could be friends,"
you might utter to me
once you've digested my name
in the bowels of your labyrinth
the letters now melting in sulphurous fumes
and evaporating through pores on your head
that allow for growth of lush legume

"we could be friends,"
i might reply.

i think i read this
on zach braff's twitter bio
but who cares where it's from
for all that matters
is that i know what it means.

this is what i tell myself when i'm feeling down
don't worry girls
you can be more than objects looked at
you can open your mouths and speak
that is what God has given you
that is what society has stripped of you
don't worry girls
you can do more than fix your hair
if you're having a bad hair day

s m i l e

because it is only temporary
because beauty is ephemeral
because God has given you a voice
in addition to a casing to hold in that voice
in addition to a mind to contain the thoughts
that give rise to your voice
in addition to tongue teeth lips to project that voice
into the good of the earth and the air that surrounds
the society of our generation.

and if others don't like what you've got to say
don't worry
because I hear you
and one day
they'll understand too.

I am 4 people at once

I am funny,
And pathetic.

I am beautiful,
Yet bare,


I can charm you,
And disgust you.

You forget who I am.

I can wear all my clothing one morning;
I can wear your clothes.
I can hide in your clothes.

I pile on all the makeup in the world
But all the masks of this world cannot
Conceal what I really am.

I am the rain.
I am the cement of the pavements.
Sometimes I am the sun.

I am the sun behind the cloud.

I am the cloud.

I am an animal.

I am the girl you see walking down runways,
Walking down aisles in supermarkets,
Walking past.

I am the girl on the news,
Crying for her lost family.

I am the girl with no bones.

I am the girl sitting in the coffeeshop,
Deep in thought,
Sipping her coffee
As it burns her tongue.

Outfit post next!


  1. Guter Blog :-)
    Lust auf ggv ? - http://abcdefghijklarissa.blogspot.de/

  2. I like it :) post more. They make me happy.

  3. Almost a year late but I saw only 2 comments and I was like what the fizz ? these are amazing, I wish I could write poetry like you


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