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I put on my makeup in the bathroom of the Anthropology and Sociology building today after my third (and second last) exam at 10 in the morning. It took me five minutes to draw on eyeliner, and to make both eyes even.

I lit my cigarette on the steps of the SUB and it burned out in front of the bookstore so I stored it in my pocket for later. Walked by people I probably knew without acknowledging them because the world is a blur without my glasses or contacts on.

To be honest, I only smoke Marlboro Lights (or the Canadian equivalent, since apparently we don't have the rights to sell Marlboros here) because Taylor Momsen smokes them, which makes me pretty shallow doesn't it. But trying Pall Mall is definitely saving me money and the menthol ones taste pretty good.

I hate wearing all-black and leather. Makes me look tougher than I really am. Do I really want to come off as being tough through and through?
It's my quarter-life crisis and this past week has been an emotional rollercoaster (ew, did I actually use that phrase, sorry guys). I'm at a loss. I have no identity.

All this year I've been searching for my identity. Turns out I had it under control in elementary school. Now, I'm just all over the place.

It's not a question of "Who am I" but rather "Who can I be?" and of all the personalities and places to be, I'm a liberal arts student at UBC in Canadaland. I wish all my dormmates well and good luck.

I bought a bicycle two weeks ago without trying it out first, and I'm about two inches too short to ride it.


  1. hey babe, not gna lecture about the ciggy. You know how i feel about them =.=

    anyways, I love your jacket and the shirt!(or is it a leotard?)

    oh, I'm home now too. Super tired cuz i woke up at 3AM Vancouver time in order to catch my flight.

    Hang out super soon! (are you staying in Burnaby or Langley?)


  2. i love you in black color. so cool :D


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