you've been acting awful tough lately (Marina & The Diamonds COVER)

TEE Urban Planet (men's) / FISHNET Walmart / PLATFORM SNEAKERS eBay / SUNGLASSES Urban Outfitters / BACKPACK & FLANNEL thrifted

I think the reason I blog is the same reason for my having Facebook... Just another less-than-realistic social environment where I can give the impression of being better off in appearance, status, and/or personality. I'm pretty narcissistic, see.

I don't look like this all the time obviously. I don't sleep with a face of makeup on, my hair somewhat clean and mess-free, in platform sneakers or JC Litas. I sleep in big baggy tshirts and underwear of some kind, like normal people (note: my definition of 'normal' may not be exactly like yours), and sometimes there may be indescribable substances in my hair, and sometimes there may not be. Without makeup, my clothing, my shoes... I'm unrecognizable.

I think that's why I chose to get this tattoo last year. It's permanent, never changes, and no matter what I wear or put on my body -- to cover it or expose it -- it is always there. Nobody needs to know, but it is there. If everybody can see it, I don't care. It's still mine. Mine only.

I don't wear makeup to look good for anyone else. I don't dress the way I do to impress anyone else. But it can all be misconstrued as such. A tattoo is different. And somehow, this ink tells more about who I am than my own verbose explanations.

Anyway, enough with the mindless pondering. I recorded a cover today but it's not a Zolas song at all, sorry guys! Still working out Lids. But this is "I Am Not A Robot" by Marina & The Diamonds.


  1. you style is so different but i'm diggin' in.

  2. great shirt!


  3. i just saw your name was actually sunny haha, that's my little sister's name (: but anyway, your voice is absolutely gorgeous and i love your choice in music, which is flawless~*~ stay perfect c:


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