i need to cut/dye my hair

DRESS Mexyshop / HEADBAND Alethea's Gift Shop / DENIM VEST thrifted
"Money Note" by Camille

This is what I look like when I go to work. It's not what I would usually wear but I'll sacrifice my personal style to match the items I sell. So what?

Also I realized that a denim vest can make anything look just a bit tougher.


  1. can i just say this post totally proves that a smile is the prettiest thing a girl can wear? (:

  2. OMG this outfit is so kawaii I die. LOL
    You're right. It's not your style but you definitely pull it off :D:D
    and I need to dye your hair. and mine. roots are driving me nuts >.<

    I think the same about my moniker too... at first it was all like: not sure if I want people to know/I kind of do/not really/fml fml fml. Now I'm feeling more comfortable with blogging and it feels like my moniker doesn't quite make a difference anymore =.= (<-- diff name but still the same face LOL)

    mad love,
    overworked >.<


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