JFK and Lana Del Rey

"National Anthem" (Official Video) by Lana Del Rey

What do you guys think? Caricaturesque? Or beautifully acted and filmed?

I personally enjoyed this music video mostly because even though my peers and the media have referenced the Kennedys, I -- like many others of my generation -- have never really "known" them as well as those who were alive during John F. Kennedy's time in office.

Yes, I have seen photos of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, and I've watched T.V. shows or read books where the protagonist is emulating her in style and personality, like Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl. But I've never really heard her speak, or thought about her relationship with her husband, someone who had such power and a great deal of responsibility, especially during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Unfortunately, I was not the best History student in high school, and even now I probably can't relay exactly what I think happened after World War II and before I was born (in 1993). Which is sad, okay. All I know is the fear of an all-out nuclear war, which is obviously still an awful threat to us today, and perhaps even more so.

So when I watch Lana's portrayal of Jackie O.'s relationship with A$AP Rocky's J.F.K., I feel closer to this period of time, and closer to the emotions that a teenager might have experienced when living through that time.

Does that make sense? I don't even...

Anyway, as a modern teenager, a lot more is now expected from us. The past and the future are both so close to our fingertips. Everything we consume daily (T.V., Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) can be powerful tools in our obtainment of knowledge about our world.

Even the music we listen to can affect how connected we can become to people who lived in the past, people who only exist in stories and shows, and the people who are real and do live around us.

I still feel uneasy about the assassination of J.F.K. and also other deaths that have occurred to people I find important but have never known personally, like John Lennon, or Alexander McQueen, and Daul Kim.

Requiescat in pace aeterna.


  1. I thought this video was so beautifully executed, it gave me a proper understanding of the lyrics after seeing it. I felt quite emotional at the end when the assassination happened even though I didn't know much of the story. I suppose it will create an awareness to the newer generation of such a monumental moment in history.

  2. hi mimi! i found your blog today and i love it so much! :) i'm now your newest follower! i have a baby blog (about a month) and if you like it, follow me back! :)




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