uncomfortable silences

Okay, so I haven't shot an outfit pic in like two weeks or something, and my tripod's just standing in the corner of my room looking all dejected and lonely and untouched, but I promise that I've been trying my best to dress nicely and not at all sloppy and gross and lazy, but there are no pictures to prove it so I'm sorry for that.

Also I understand that my blogging have taken a terrible turn for the worse and I was doing so well too! 13-15 posts each month from December 'til April! And now... two posts for June and the month is already half over.

My bad.

My boss at Sashimi Sushi tried to fire me last Saturday by telling me to "focus on working at the Hello Kitty place" and immediately said "I know you like working there more than here". I reassured him that I like working both places equally and I don't mind working a shift or two at the restaurant. (I wanted to say "Don't be jealous or anything" but felt that would be inappropriate.) Five minutes after that he said "Okay I'll give you the Saturday shifts" and my best friend/co-worker confided in me via text the next day that the boss told her that I looked really sad so he decided not to fire me.

The perks of looking like a sad Asian girl, I guess.

Oh, and yes I got the job at the Hello Kitty booth in the mall. My shifts are short and sweet and only two days a week (wow that rhymed) (somewhat) (or what passes for rhyming nowadays) (hello, every rap song written in the 21st century). It's called Alethea's Gift Shop and it's right in front of Lids and the store that has the gigantic Supra sign in front of it, and across from SIRENS. I don't know what demographic we're targeting but it seems to be working 'cause every small kid stops by to check out the massive selection of Hello Kitty and Rilakkuma plushies we display and every 10-35 year old boy/teenager/guy/man freezes in front of our cell phone and iPod Touch case collection for a good 5 seconds before unfreezing to tell me "These are too girly".

I wore pink for 3/4 quarters of last week because I wanted to make a good impression on my job interview and subsequent first day at the booth. I think it did the trick and the weird thing is people treat me nicer when I'm wearing pink... as opposed to when I wear an inch of black eyeliner around my eyes and oversized flannel with no pants and combat boots. I mean, I act exactly the same, my personality doesn't change in any way, but people immediately respond to my outer appearance and change their tone and parlance before I even utter a word.

It's not surprising, just funny.

So hopefully an outfit post will be up tomorrow, is what I'm trying to get at.

Also, I finally watched Pulp Fiction and I love it so much I wanna memorize the Ezekiel 25:17 passage from the movie even though it's not the real passage printed in any existing Bible.

I'm sending you guys my love. Summer's just beginning for most of us. Be wary of sand in your cracks, beach bums, and don't forget to wear sunscreen.

"Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon" by Urge Overkill (cover of Neil Diamond)

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