no makeup on

A piece of the Renaissance, a little '50s, and a bit of the '70s.

Again, I couldn't find any freaking batteries for my camera!

The floral top is from Urban Behaviour, $20. The checkered dress is from Value Village (a recent purchase from when I thrifted my Halloween outfit) and $6.99. The matching sunglasses are stolen from my dad's inventory way back in 2010. Yes, he used to sell sunglasses. It's a living. The polka dot cropped blouse was a find from the Salvation Army below New Westminster skytrain station two Christmases ago; 'twas $4-6, can't remember now. Lastly, the purply tinted sunnies are from the recent Value Village thrift, priced at $2.99.

The cigarette is real but I can't smoke in my room, plus actually nobody in my family knows I started smoking except for my little sister. Also I stopped. 'Cause it was expensive and inconvenient and I just got too busy to support this bad habit.

And I grew smarter. Or so I'd like to think. But I still have a few left and I don't really want to dump them out. So life goes on.

Oh I exercised last night and I'm sore all over today... Man, I need to exercise more. Okay back to studying.


  1. lovely photos!
    i like your polkadot top

    style frontier

  2. Eeek. I love that first jumper thing. It has such a cute shape! SMASHHHING GURL!

    And I'm glad you're done with smoking - such an icky habit!




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