"This is What Makes Us Girls"


Messed around with some effects on Photoscape. If you're still looking for a free no-gimmicks photo editor, Photoscape's pretty good. I've been using it since I started blogging on Soyconfessions. It's all I need to alter lighting, contrast, saturation. Also has some cool film effects, like "cinema", "cross process", and "afga" (my favourites).

My mother's bathroom has really good lighting. It's nerve-wracking to poop in there though 'cause there's a gigantic window facing you :P I woke up at 10 A.M. today and now I have no idea what I'm supposed to do. It's still so bright outside, regardless of the cloudy weather. Imma go biking I guess. Yay exercise!

The Hello Kitty booth is slow these days so they haven't called me in to work. It's good with me because I have to start packing (moving out on the 1st!) and still gotta cram for EOSC 114 (exam's on the 3rd ughghghgh).

I kinda gave in and had a few in my room this morning and used a candle holder to conceal the evidence.

Bad idea.

My room smells terrible.

Even my sister noticed when I walked past her earlier.

Perfume doesn't even help.

This is a sign.

Can't get this song out of my head. "This Is What Makes Us Girls" by L(izzy)ana Del Rey. Poster child of success after reinvention (and plastic surgery). I don't know why but I'm loving her music a lot more lately.

Imma do a cover soon!

Ciao bella,

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  1. Oh hayyy Sunny,

    So I think we should meet up next weekend and have an adventure somewhere. Will you be done with moving and everything? Yes, New West is super cool. Lots of culture and so many antique and thrift stores! My boyfriend and I pay 795/month for a huge apartment with hardwood floors. Sweet dealio if you ask me.

    Sometimes I forget you're a smoker. I am too, although I'm trying to quit because it has been causing me lots of sore throats lately.

    I'm going to add you on facebook, RIGHT NOW!.

    talk later, friend.


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