Full-body photos taken by Vrindy Spencer

BUSTIER F21 / SHORTS Oasap / PLATFORM SNEAKS eBay / HAT SOS Children's Village BC thrift

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  1. Seriously love those platform creepers and that awesome bustier. It's so hard for me to find a bustier being a petite chick with a decent rack because I need the tiny waist emphasis and the support :(


  2. Ok, you are for serious the sweetest person ever! I can't believe you listened to the whole interview. I think I sound like a totally dork but thanks for digging it so much.

    I'm sad that your last Saturday didn't turn out well. I think another show where you'll be there is in order. Perhaps after all of our crazy busy stuff is over, we can finally hang out. I'm really looking forward to actually meeting you.

  3. I love thrift shopping!!!!
    come see my blog,

    xo Emma

  4. I love that t-shirt with hogwart-like emblem *w* you can roll up sleeves and look like a 90s hip-hop cild :33 and I like your comment about pony-top "they are ponys on this, actually ponys, and they jamping around so happly...pony-dance" lol, I loved it XD

    but, please, don't whiten your hair : C you look gorgeous in your natural!

    about Wroclaw - I've never noticed that is sound like one of harry potter's (actually I'm a big fan ^^) it's just my homecity. btw, it's pronounced VrocLove ^w^


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