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Couldn't sleep so decided to blog. As it always is.

I went home today & picked up a bit more of my clothes. And a ton of shoes. (You can see how I'm not photographing the lowest parts of my tiny body... No shoes to wear, that's all. Been living in pink sneaks and a pair of lavender flip flops for a week!)

Oh btdubbs, it's my 3rd blogversary, holy shizz.

I look back on my old posts & get an extremely heavy feeling in my throat. It's like "who is this girl? or this girl? I don't recognize her at all" and then it hits me.

I will forever be looking back on these photos and wondering who exactly I was when I posted them at that very moment in time. & each time, I'd be someone different.

Numb. I think moving has taken a lot outta me, & now that I'm so far from the familiarity of the suburbs, I've been very independent. Which has made me very numb to how new everything truly is. This is my way of coping with change.

As it always is.

P.S. Thanks for reading, lovely ladies and gents. <3


  1. HAPPY 3rd aniversery!!

    I uh,.. will get to blogging soon,.... hopefully someday before august is over O_O

    i suck.
    boy on brain.

    mad love,

  2. Hei, girl!
    Love that blouse, is amazing <3


  3. That numbness, my friend, sounds very familiar to me. And I've had something similar since moving to Amsterdam more that my first time of moving out to another city. But I think it is really just a way of self... protection..?

    I think it is awesome that you're able to look back onto yourself with the blog. I always doubt if I should do outfits too, but your style is way more eclectic than mine.

  4. great outfit! :) i love the top <3

    followed you xx

  5. Love the gorgeous skirt dress. So pretty

    PixelHazard | Bright Green Laces |

  6. your outfit is very nice :))


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