SHORTS c/o Oasap / SHOES Army & Navy / EYEBALL EARRINGS c/o Oasap / RING & TOP thrifted

Hey guys! Received my package from Oasap this weekend and was thrilled to incorporate this lovely pair of shorts into an outfit. You can do no wrong with high waisted shorts and a crop top. It's like the perfect equation for the summer heat.

I made it casual with pink sneaks and freaky eyeball earrings, which were also from Oasap. Thanks, Oasap team!

Went grocery shopping again today 'cause I forgot to bring some stuff from Langley (like "real food"). The weather was perfect for a stroll anyway. Ordered some sushi take-out. Trying to be healthy and whatnot.


  1. You look sooo good! Much simpler outfit than normal but it really complements your figure! Especially love those high waisted shorts x

  2. Love the cute high waist shorts and those eye earrings seem to be everywhere

    Pixel Hazard | Bright Green Laces |

  3. yay high waisted shorts and crop tops! haha those earrings look awesome. i'd love to see all the double takes from all the people around you when they see and eye staring right back at them. 8D

  4. I really love the "EYE SEE YOU" earrings! Sick ;)


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