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Some days I'm so conflicted with the functionality and aesthetics of my outfit. I want to have fun with what I wear but I don't want to alienate others with my look. I want to be able to feel comfy and free to move around in my outfit but I also want to convey a more creative part of my personality so that it'll be the first thing people notice when they view me, and not my race or my sex or my hair colour or the way I've done my makeup.

This outfit was the result of my appeasement trumping my personality.

I think when people see me in these clothes, they'll think "young, fun, modern" instead of "crazy, slutty, masculine" (hopefully).

But then that brings up a whole new topic:
Why should I even care what others think in the first place?

Well, we live in a world where people really fucking hate teenagers.

I don't want to contribute to the stereotype that we don't give a shit about other people.

I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable... to an extent.

I'm okay with wearing lingerie out if I cover myself up a little.

But I'm never gonna be able to pull off what I like to call The Taylor Momsen.
She really doesn't care. That's why I love her. It's an admiration of sorts.

P.S. I'm only gonna be a teenager for a year more anyway. I think when I turn 20, I'll either go apeshit with my outfits and every day will be Halloween OR I'll turn into those retro indie chicks with girly clothing but entire sleeve tattoos on both arms to balance everything out.

P.P.S. I'm kidding, I'm too poor for sleeve tattoos.


  1. Love those slashers lady. Looks kawt. Also I get the lana del rey comment quite a lot actually....last time in a hardware store of all places :P

  2. Very sexy and rock outift with lace and suspenders. I love it a little bit gothic like that. It's totally my style ;)

  3. outfit is really edgy and sexy :D me likey.
    Well, you know what happens when you're a bit too "sluttily-dressed" for society... people run into trees :P

    and I hope Taylor was wearing some short shorts. I don't mind short stuff... except for the pratical fact that i don't want to moon people when I bend over....

    mad love,

  4. I think the lingerie is a bold statement and some people will honestly look for faults in others to dislike, just because they can. I think everybody should have Taylor Momsen's attitude when it comes to dressing not only because I value individualism and self-expression but because I think that would decrease certain "taboos" associated with the female form. I have never believed in dressing myself according to social acceptability and certainly try my hardest to battled the fear and anxiety of what kind of attention I'll get. I remember going to see the Vagina Monologues and one of the one stuck with me the most is when a girl strutted out on stage wearing a tight mini skirt and said:

    My short skirt is not an invitation
    a provocation
    an indication
    that I want it
    or give it
    or that I hook.

    My short skirt
    is not begging for it
    it does not want you
    to rip it off me
    or pull it down.

    My short skirt
    is not a legal reason
    for raping me
    although it has been before
    it will not hold up
    in the new court.

    My short skirt, believe it or not
    has nothing to do with you.

    My short skirt
    is about discovering
    the power of my lower calves
    about cool autumn air traveling
    up my inner thighs
    about allowing everything I see
    or pass or feel to live inside.

    My short skirt is not proof
    that I am stupid
    or undecided
    or a malleable little girl.

    My short skirt is my defiance
    I will not let you make me afraid
    My short skirt is not showing off
    this is who I am
    before you made me cover it
    or tone it down.
    Get used to it.

    My short skirt is happiness
    I can feel myself on the ground.
    I am here. I am hot.

    My short skirt is a liberation
    flag in the women's army
    I declare these streets, any streets
    my vagina's country.

    My short skirt
    is turquoise water
    with swimming colored fish
    a summer festival
    in the starry dark
    a bird calling
    a train arriving in a foreign town
    my short skirt is a wild spin
    a full breath
    a tango dip
    my short skirt is

    But mainly my short skirt
    and everything under it
    is Mine.

  5. What a fun n sexy look! Being teenager never come back once we fit 20 (happened long time ago myself!) I enjoyed reading your writing and great post! xo akiko
    Style Imported

  6. cute ootd~ ah, i totally know what you mean! i'm going on to 21 in September but the past year i've been feeling the pressure to "conform" , if you get my drift! the way i dress now is wayyy toned down compared to a year ago. even my makeup! haha. i guess it's b/c when you get older and if you want to make it in the "professional" world, you're required to dress and look a certain way ("professional" and "mature"). it sucks...but it needs to be done :(

    so enjoy your youth and your wardrobe ! i admire tayler momsen too! i love her style!!! recently, i'm trying to rebuild my wardrobe mixing elements of the style i loved a year ago but was forced to abandon due to reasons mentioned above! you don't have to give up your wardrobe entirely but you can maybe water it down. i loveeee ripped jeans but they aren't exactly "professional"...so i had to give them up...but I still wear my tees and docs soo... :DDD

    alex @ carouselstreet.com

  7. Loving the shorts! Beautiful eyes you have too :O
    I'm so familiar with the post topic too!

  8. People will always have their own opinion about the way other people dress so that is why is better to dress for yourself and no others! so I do agree with you!


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