settling in

Hey! I'm at my apartment right now. Just went out to buy some almond milk, hummus, bread, and mayo.

My roomie's parents are still here but they leave tomorrow for the States on a family vaca. Which means... I get the place all to myself.

After the EOSC exam last night, I felt so free and like 99% less stressed. It wasn't too bad, but I guessed on every question... Um, well what did I expect, not reading any of the notes and only skimming through 2 chapters from the textbook.

Forgot to bring my phone charger (a.k.a. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN MY LIFE) so my BlackBerry's K.O.'d and I'm bored. And did I mention it's Sahara Desert hot out there? I'm going to Shopper's later to pick up some essentials. After dinner. When it's cooler.

Sorry for this filler post! Soyconfessions will be back and running next week. I'm headed to Cultus Lake with my mother and sister and homestay in tow on Monday! And now for the summer-approved surf pop.

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