Dragons, Leather, and Lace

KIMONO Salvation Army / TOP La Vie En Rose / SHORTS F21 (2ndhand) / LEGGINGS Dress911 / FLATS Zara

Because I'm so whitewashed (literally re:hair), this outfit is an extension of my usual, ironic self, enveloped in an oriental print robe and metallic gold flats. Trying to convey some form of opulence, in my sarcastic manner.

My whole persona has become someone of contradictory gains and motivations.

"Look at me," it says, "I'm not of your world."

But hey, dramatic diatribe aside, there are dragons on this thing. That's pretty fucking awesome. And only $6.99 at my local Salvation Army, scorrrre.

Nevertheless, this outfit seemed fitting even more so given my recent exposure to medieval English fantasy... Why not dress up like someone from Ancient China?

Trying to balance work, school, Fashion Club events, and insomnia. P.S. I'm Vice Prez now! I'm pretty darn excited for the Outdoor Fashion Show, personalized shopping experience at OAK + FORT, and Fashion's Night In (obviously following in the footsteps of Fashion's Night Out)! I'll keep you guys updated as the UFC team smooths things out, and I hope some of you guys are UBC students so you can come party with us and celebrate the local fashion scene! P.P.S. Have you entered my giveaway?


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