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Bought these jeans (actually they're of the "jeggings" variety but with all the goodness of denim jeans, like a zipper fly instead of a weird stretchy waistband) on sale for $20 CAD two summers ago, and they're still like new. Now that's what I call a valuable staple in my closet. They used to be slightly looser but I gained a bit of weight after 1st year university so... everything works out in the end, I guess. ;_; my tummy... Now why isn't my butt filling out?!?!?

I'm still considered "skinny" I guess, but I seriously need to tone this tummy!

Just finished up the first two seasons of Game of Thrones and am still reeling. I definitely recommend this show to anyone who isn't too conservative about sex, violence, gore, FEELINGS AND EMOTIONS, and magic. Just a bit of warning: brace yourselves, sad times and withdrawal symptoms are coming (at least until the new season is released)! The actors' portrayals of the characters combined with some awesome writing... just made everything seem so real, even with the healthy dose of the supernatural permeating both of the season finales. Since it's an HBO show, it doesn't hold back on the beheadings or the incest or the sex scenes or the swearing. If you're a geek like me, I suggest you immerse yourself in this epic fantasy to escape the boredom of the mundane. If you're not a geek like me, I still will badger you until you watch this. Unless you're like 12 or something, then you should be watching Spongebob Squarepants okay?

And the soundtrack composed by Ramin Djawadi, OH MY GOD, it's amazing. You know I love me a good original themed soundtrack, whether it be from a film or a TV show. This music is so historically heavy in my mind; it sets the tone of the episodes and builds upon the characterizations of each person -- yes, person, they're not just "characters" anymore; these Houses and families and individuals are so real to me now that they're more than just "characters" -- so that once you start watching, you forget that they're actors playing someone fictional in a show written by regular people, and start to lose yourself in their world. Of course, this wouldn't be possible without George R. R. Martin, so thank you Mr. Martin. I might even pick up one of your books someday... I haven't read a fantasy novel since Eragon in Grade 10 (and that series turned out to be extremely disappointing).

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