Opening Day

SHOES Toxic Codeine / TEE The Zolas (band merch) / SHORTS c/o Sugarlips / RING Forever 21 / RIVET CHOKER Romwe

Wore these Sugarlips Sherbert Ice Lines shorts again yesterday. Easiest thing to pull on, plus tons of room in the pockets for my stuff. Felt the need to toughen up the feminine scalloped flatforms and pink shorts with the studded choker and a shredded Zolas tee. The triple finger ring was thrown in there for good measure. It says "Hey look they're sparkly but I CAN BEAT YOU UP TOO".

I've decided to change up the way I upload photos. Now you can click on these outfit pics to enlarge them for better resolution and extreme zooming-in-on-my-face.

It takes up more space in my Blogger/Picasa Web Albums and takes forever to upload... but it's worth it, right? Just for you guys (:

Volunteering for Opening Day at Totem Park was fruitful and fun! Met some good peeps. Recommended The Zolas to a pair of brothers hailing from Calgary (they switch their bass guitar and electric guitar once in a while 'cause one goes to UVic and one's at UBC now). Lugged lots of boxes, signed out many carts, and spoke a lot of Mandarin to some of the parents. Hey, my mother was right: knowing Mandarin is freaking helpful when you live in Vancouver.

Going home on Sunday morning to see the fam and buy some groceries; perhaps, swimming, if the time allots. Can't wait to get into the water again, before school starts and all I'll be drowning in is a sea of notes and textbooks and tuition fees and student loan debt.

Cool story bro. Will be replying to your comments soon!



  1. i like your shorts! :D

    p.s. i hope you can swim this weekend! :D

    <3, Mimi
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  2. aahhh love your blog! love your style! you look awesome!

  3. Love it, those shorts are awesome, great style and look :) x


  4. Love those shorts & still obsessed with your hair. Looking ├╝ber rad

    Pixel hazard | www.brightgreenlaces.com


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