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A stranger asked me what I was going for in this outfit. All I could say was, "I dress up like this everyday" but what I meant was, I don't go for anything; I wear what I like, which can result in extreme outfit choices, and what I like shifts from day to day. But I could see he was confused because I was standing in the Halloween section of Value Village, and, oh, he was dressed like a knight in plastic armour (he was an employee [but this little tidbit of info is irrelevant to my overall point]).

ANYWAY, I went to Value Village yesterday and lugged home three gigantic bags of sweet secondhand clothing and shoes (plus a black wig and gloves for my Halloween '13 costume; it's so ironic that I have to buy a black wig... 'cause I'm a natural blackhead... erm)! Super excited to take photos of everything or maybe shoot a haul video for a small selection of items. I'm kinda sad that I couldn't find any ankle boots that fit me or were in acceptable condition; I did snatch a pair of size 6.5 cowboy boots but there was a stain on the side so I decided not to buy it after all. I did manage to get quite a few coats, jackets, and sweaters for the upcoming winter so I'm pretty happy about that.

TIME: 2.5 hours at Value Village
COST: $212 + HST = $240 worth of items



  1. I'm like that too. A total kid when I get dressed. I just wear whatever I feel like at the time. It's a bit strange when people ask if I'm going to a dress up party and I say "um...no, this is just what I wear" // awkward.....

    Pixel Hazard | Bright Green Laces |

  2. Nice outfit! wanna follow each other?;)

    Eka Theresia♥


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