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Had a great Friday night with my girls. Watched them eat (already had dinner so wasn't hungry) and wandered around Kits. Bought a bottle of 2011 wine for no reason and randomly bumped into a guy who lived in the same house we did for first year so he gave us a tour of his new place.

Hopped on the 14 and got off somewhere downtown. Opened the wine at a Blenz and started to drink SO CLASSY LIKE straight outta the bottle... Just a bunch of creeps drinking wine at a coffee place. I felt kinda bad for the baristas, hahah.

We couldn't make up our minds whether to go to a movie (their choice) or Xu's show (my choice). Oh did I tell you guys how awesome she is? From her blog, you can already extrapolate her level of coolness, but in person she's just like even cooler. Anyway, finally convinced them to go to LanaLou's but it was like 10 P.M. by now so I was sure we'd missed Xu's band's set already. Was still determined to get there though to make up for the uneventful night so far.

Skipped around town and stopped at an A&W to collect our bearings. Seriously, we were lost. First of all, I wasn't wearing my glasses (or contacts 'cause I ran out) so everything was like Narnia to me. I could not see more than 2 feet away and it was pretty dark too. If it wasn't for P.'s iPod Touch and its magical GPS capabilities and Z.'s amazing geographical memory of Downtown Vancouver, we would've been super duper lost.

Finally found a bus to take us to the shittiest place in Vancouver. Stepped off the bus and immediately a girl made sexual propositions towards an older guy who stepped off with us. Prostitution, check. Made our way down a street that was pitch black. No streetlights, check. (Studies show that having well-lit areas in the community results in less crime.) Random screaming in the background, check. Dudes wearing black smoking/tripping/staring, check. Sirens, triple check.

Reached a better-lit part of town and then LanaLou's! Paid our $6 and sat at a booth. Stripped off our coats and downed some more wine. Danced like insane people having seizures simultaneously, joined by a friendly fellow. People took away our wine 'cause we weren't supposed to bring in alcohol from the outside. Boo.

Pushed our way to the front and moshed in a crowd that was too cool to mosh. Elbows and all in people's faces. Finally met Xu and co.! After the set, we hugged and said our goodbyes for now.

The band packed up. Somebody invited us to The Woods ("it's, like, underground" said he) so we skipped out. Walked for ages once again. I jumped a bush (wearing a minidress; yeah, this is like my life's greatest achievement, even better than the time I biked to school wearing a skirt in order to make it to an exam) and made conversation out of courtesy.

The Woods was awesome. If I knew how to get there myself, I'd recommend you all to go there. The bands were good. The first one we caught had a girl on violin, and the second had a girl on trumpet who could rap. At one point, people in the crowd headed up on stage to improvise with the band. At first it was hilarious but then this girl got up and she was amazing, and then a guy got up and they started singing together and that was amazing.

It was a Friday night like all other Friday nights: starting off slightly off-kilter but ending on a good note.
"Midnight City" by M83

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to y'all! (Giveaway ends tomorrow as well so enter it while you can.)



  1. I love your sweater in the second photo! I looks great on you :)


  2. Hi friend!!!! Yes, I can call you that now because WE FINALLY MET!!!! I still can't get over that btw. Sounds like the rest of your night was amazing. The Woods is apparently awesome, I've never been before but I've had lots of friends play shows there and was always invited to see them.

    Let's get together again please!!!!

  3. I love M83! They're music is awesome and soo chill :) Cute outfit :) I love the pairing you did with the vest~~

    Joyce @ carouselstreet.com


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