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Better outfit with the leggings coming up! Haven't been feeling too good lately so definitely slacking with the outfits. Everyday I look like I just rolled outta bed...

I skipped a whole day of classes because I couldn't get out of bed this morning. I slept but it's the kind of sleeping where you wake up every hour on the dot, frantically checking your alarm clock because you're scared you've missed something. And when I finally mustered up the energy to get up, I had a panic attack because I couldn't remember whether there was a midterm today or not. Anyway, I've pushed aside my schoolwork once again and am focusing all my energy on Tumblr and a useless Degrassi marathon (up until Craig leaves or something).

I can't wait until Community returns, as well as the new seasons of Game of Thrones, and Suits. My life revolves around consuming television on the Internet so that I don't feel terrible and stressed out about the buildup of work I have to get through. It's not healthy, I totally agree with you there, substituting my own life with the fictionalized lives of others.

I don't even write anymore, and I realize how much I hate essays and having to read up on loads of research. I don't think English Literature is right for me and I do want to try Creative Writing but I know the program is very small and selective, and I'm really not all that good.

What is university for if I can't even try out different passions of mine? I don't want to stick to one thing for the next three years, because I'm not just interested in one thing, as well as I understand that no one thing can satisfy me or sustain me for such a long period of time.

Anyway, this long post est fini.

Herp derp.


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  1. The center part suits you! And uni's a pain in the ass. I was just thinking about changing my program this past weekend... but I think I'm going to stick with it. I'm not flunking so...yeahhh. I unno.
    And you're a great writer. So go for that creative writing thing. The worst thing that could happen is that you don't get in.


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