It's like freshman year all over again, except this time I'm blonde and I have ugly roots

So I dyed the tips of my hair pink last night (with leftover Manic Panic Cotton Candy Pink). Look at my roots. Wow. At least my hair is getting a bit longer now, even though it's super damaged. There's like a whole section in the back where the blonde hair has broken away from the fresh, new growth so I have this anime tuft going on.

Still haven't bought Christmas presents for people! Ah! STRESS. All I need is a whole day to myself at Metrotown to find perfect gifts for my close friends and family. My last exam is tomorrow (English 220: English Literature to the Eighteenth Century; *shudders* never taking that again) at 8 in the freaking morning. Then I'm a free woman!

Will be posting outfit posts soon, and getting my life (and this blog) back on track. Thanks for waiting, lovely people.

P.S. The boy is gone for a week and a half to Toronto. Really questioning my life right now. LOL. Just kidding. I know he's gonna have fun, and I'm gonna cling onto people back here -- wait, did I type that out loud? Oops.

Happy Holidays, and fuck school!


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  1. love it, you look gorgeous!



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