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SWEATER c/o Oasap / FLORAL DRESS hand-me-down / GARTER Bohemia Consignment / THIGH HIGHS Walmart / LITA LOOKALIKE eBay / SPIKE HEADBAND eBay

This dusty rose floral sweater reminds me of something from American Apparel, but not as expensive. I purchased it in a large; this way I can either show some skin by wearing it off-the-shoulder or be conservative and wear it normally. It's keeping me very warm, and that's good because it's starting to get extra wintery up here in Vancouver.

I cut the hem off the dress just to make it fit a bit better. The spike headband is one of my favourite purchases from eBay and you can get 2 for like $6. As for the faux Litas, I'm sorry Jeffrey Campbell, but I couldn't afford to buy another pair of you in black (I have one in this design already) so I decided to save a little money and buy fakes. (The creepers are also some knockoffs from eBay! This girl is savin' some serious cash... for more tattoos.)

Got this done at NEXT on Granville: "vous ĂȘtes belles mais vous ĂȘtes vides". It's based off of a quote in Le Petit Prince by Antoine St. Exupery, one of the most beautiful novellas written.

If you haven't entered my giveaway yet, do so! It's sponsored by YAK Apparel and you can get some cool stuff for the winter.



  1. way to sexy up a crazy innocent floral outfit with stockings and garters <3

  2. Love this post! Your delicate sweater, the studs on your headband.. but most of all.. the fact that you're from Vancouver! We live in Victoria and love discovering new fashion blogs near us. Following you via GFC xx



  3. Gorgeous outfit!


  4. THAT PINK SWEATER! A sweater I keep seeing a keep walking right by it thinking nothing. Great job making it look absolutely adorable. Give me some tipz!


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