The Representation Project, Facebook, and Generation Y

I don't get as much feedback on my Facebook posts as I'd like, especially on videos or articles that have expanded my own mind (which I subsequently hope will expand others', hence why I post them in the first place). Exactly one week ago, however, I shared this Upworthy post with a video by TheRepresentationProject.org, which caught the attention of a few male classmates from high school. A discourse of the sexes incurred (particularly on how men and women view "feminism" differently, and questioning whether feminism is a positive philosophy for societies that are not Westernized nor industrialized), and this is something that have changed my perspective on my generation.

I am very grateful for every response, especially the ones that educated me further and provided me with more solid ground to construct my own opinion (like Xu and Amy's comments which defined "egalitarianism", "humanism" and "feminism", and distinguished the slight beneficial differences of each philosophy). Male Facebook friends defended the post's credibility as well and reading everyone's comments made me feel, well, proud.

This online debate gives me hope for the future, because if people my age are generating their own well-versed opinions on a topic as hotly-deliberated as "defining feminism", while at the same time recognizing and criticizing its failings and upholding its necessity and strengths... then... perhaps (maybe not in my lifetime), we, human beings, can contribute to a better world by lessening the socioeconomic gap -- on a global scale -- between those who are inherently less privileged and those who are inherently much more privileged than others, whether it be factors of race, sexuality, income, religion, disability, and, yes, gender.

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I'd like to end this with a piece from The Vagina Monologues. It's about Bob, the guy who liked to look at vaginas.


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  1. Amggg DAT DRESS!!! Love all the items. Those are great finds. Yeaaa I noticed not too many people are on facebook much anymore...mostly older folks who jumped the bandwagon too late...

    from likkie xx,


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