VEST, SKORT, and SHOES thrifted / FLANNEL Avry's / TIGHTS american apparel (ripped accidentally) / SOCKS h&m

At 8 P.M. yesterday, Avry made some sandwiches and we walked down to Granville Island to have a picnic. I'd just finished class and was tired but we already planned it out (haphazardly, nonetheless). Clouds blanketed the sky, but the moon shone through. Thoughts of assignments and neglected readings ran through my mind. Avry reached over to hold my hand at one point and I told him he didn't have to hold my hand all the time, but I like it. It was chilly and the cardigan and flannel I wore didn't keep me warm. At least I had 3 pairs of socks on.

It's strange to see other people walking at night; those alone walk furtively and quickly, and those in groups laugh and guffaw like there's something to prove. It's strange to think that we are all animals, but not nocturnal in the least, trying to make our way to a certain destination, with only streetlights and traffic-lights as our guide.

The fountain near the Granville Bridge was dry and we took a few photos. They didn't turn out but I wasn't feeling up to posing at this point. I wanted to take candid photos or just photos of things. Cement, the underpass, lights, litter, dark places. I realize now that I have no knowledge on shooting at night. Avry is the master of the Canon, and I'm just a girl who wants to remember beautiful things.

We ate by the water, staring at the brightly-lit windows from faraway Yaletown buildings. It was quiet and comforting.

I'm going to work my butt off this semester and earn some A's. I know I have it in me. I've never said that before because I was scared of letting myself down. But if I say it more and more, then I can believe myself more and more, and then I won't limit my physical body, and then I can give my mind some space to grow.



  1. I know how you feel about wanting to get serious and be better, that can get really stressful.. so stay strong and good luck! ;)

  2. aw your outing sounded so fun. I wish I had that sort of romance (╥_╥)


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