Not all my posts are informative or interesting, but at least I'm somewhat photogenic, meheheheh. Photos below are by J. B. Siu, with a little editing by me.
The CVC Fashion Show: ICON2014 (FB event page) will be held on May 2nd at West 7 Studios at 6PM. I will definitely be there and I get talkative when I'm pumped about an event, so come by and we can be friends.

Ooh, the afterparty will be at Fortune Sound Club. Hope my passport gets here before then, #loljk #itbetterbethough. (On the topic of ID's, I'm getting a BCID soon so this shit never happens again.)

Christine Wong of Vancity Tribe hosted another great fashion show at Fortune last Friday night, featuring four Vancouver designers: Sanam Dhoot, Kassandra Mickleborough, Jen Mendizabal, and Sahar Rafiqzai. Photos coming soon.

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Sunee (pronounced "Soon-ee", guys, get it right) and I helped out a bit here and there. She's also got her own thing going on: a clothing label called Studio25. Once more information is released, I'll definitely be making a post about her brand.

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