SHOES, SOCKS, SKORT topshop / WINDBREAKER thrifted / NICKELBOARD boardroom (west 4th)

I'm gonna miss this place. Avry and I decorated the kitchen with Archie comic strips that we found funny and out-of-place when viewed alone. Our first apartment, his first time moving out of his neighbourhood, first time paying bills. He handled all the bills and learned to cook and he's a big kid now!

We both collected some cool posters, records, miscellaneous items, and a lot of thrifted clothing throughout this year. I also broke a couple blinds and the doorknob but our landlord was very chill about it.

Wish I could say I'm a Betty, but most likely I'm a Veronica. Maybe I'm Midge.

Maybe I'm always gonna be A Martian Princess.

Wow I'm really blurry. Hey, it's hard taking photos of yourself on autotimer with autofocus!

This dope shower curtain was from Bacci's (South Granville), on sale. The tikiman is Avry's, and the rubber ducky is from #207, when she decided to go organic and left a box of cosmetics and random items in the lobby.

Goodbye, Birch and 12th! We had good times together but it's time to move on. Summer 2014's at our doorstep and our lease is ending. There will always be Archie comics in my memories of you -- retro, oversaturated technicoloured memories of our first apartment. #sentimental


  1. Wow, this makes me long for the new apartment I'll move into at the end of the summer. I love your collection of things. Farewell & on to new spaces.

    I love these images, they seem like stills from a movie in which Chloe Sevigny would star. Yeah, rad.

  2. You decorated it quite beautifully! That shower curtain sure is dope:)


  3. I have the exact same clothes rack XD yay ikea lol.

  4. Oh a move! How exciting. I'm totally Betty which sucks cos she ├╝ber cute but a total sucker. Veronica always plays her.

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