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My grandmother and I went shopping a couple weeks ago and she bought me this floor-length tropical kimono from Urban Behaviour for $20. It is such an amazing colour, perfect for summer, and also has a unique parrot-and-palm print (not just floral, girl).

I'm moving back to Langley for the summer at the end of June. It has been such a great experience living with my boyfriend this year, through all the ups and downs, and it has changed me into a more active person. I'm relieved to not have to worry about dishes and laundry for the two months I'm in Langley. Then it's back to Vancouver for my last year of school (if I don't fail any courses that is)!

Avry was cleaning out the easel one day and took these photos. Yup, we used it to hold cigarette butts. We are terrible people, desecrating the sanctity of art. On the bright side, we might actually paint something on the easel now.

I'll miss living out here and being so close to everything: downtown Vancouver, the beach, UBC, Granville Island, EVERYTHING. And Avry, of course. I'll be transiting quite a lot back and forth.


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