Nyoluoch played with colours and textures, both bold and almost gaudy. The collection was fun party attire for the adventurous.

Rebekah Adams adhered to warm earth tones to produce a ready-to-wear collection for the modern working woman. The burnt orange gown was my favourite: simple, sophisticated, and sexy.

Santa Clara blew me away with its ethereal gowns: long, flowing hemlines and well-placed bling. So shiny. So beautiful. If I were a mermaid princess, I would wear Santa Clara to my debutante ball. Now that's saying something.

Dawson & Deveraux made her clothing quirky and fun, choosing to use asymmetrical hemlines and strange proportions.

And Evan Clayton closed the day with DEATHPROOF. His concept for the collection was definitely The Ultimate Bad Bitch. The heavy use of fur tails in provocative places on the body and the simple silhouettes caught my eye. I loved the pop of abstraction as a model walked down the runway wearing a gigantic red robe and sunglasses, clearly enjoying the spotlight. I apologize for my blurry photographs; I was too busy clapping and shouting my admiration much like the entire audience.

And that's all for Day 2, folks! If you want to use my images, please give me credit. Stick around for upcoming posts VFW What I Wore Pt. 2 and What I Wore Pt. 3, as well as recaps of the designers for Day 4 and 5.


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  1. wow, they all look amazing! Im super jealous haha. the last collection is so cool ^^ xoxo


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