REVIEW MaskerAide's 'Detox Diva'

Hey guys, here's a short review to tide you over until I'm able to publish the last couple VFW posts. I've been absolutely swamped with readings, essays, and working on myself. Yeah, that's right, I'm still trying to figure things out in my life. And so a nice facial mask session is much needed.

Tiffany from MaskerAide graciously offered me an opportunity to review three of their masks. I chose Detox Diva, Weather Warrior, and Beauty Rest'ore from their selection of six masks in total.

I tried the Detox Diva yesterday and my skin does feel hydrated and refreshed today. I never buy sheet masks but I realize now that they're definitely less mess and quicker application than my usual masks from a tube or a jar. Like all MaskerAide products, the Detox Diva is $6. It smells good and feels good on my skin. I say, if you have six bucks, give it a try. They're based in Canada so the package arrived pretty fast, which made me happy.

The masks are free of negative ingredients like parabens, mineral oils, and glycerins, and full of healthy ingredients like argan oil and vitamins.

Thanks to MaskerAide for the nice gift! I'll try out the Weather Warrior next week.


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